Mar 20: Meet Edlyn’s Development Chef Aaron Duffy

Media Release


Edlyn is pleased to introduce its newest Development Chef Aaron Duffy, who has been working with the company since April 2019.

It was Edlyn’s dedication to new product development that fueled its search for a creative and innovative senior head chef to work with and develop new product ideas and improvements.

Aaron brings with him 31 years of culinary experience in various roles as both an executive chef and product development consultant.

He has experience working in Michelin star restaurants and has worked alongside industry greats like Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White and Nico Ladenis.

Blending his classic French cuisine training and love of modern cooking, Aaron has already helped to develop great new recipe ideas for existing products as well as been involved in developing some new products for Edlyns food service brands.

Originally from the UK, Aaron has been living and working in Australia for the past 8 years. Living close to the South Melbourne Market, he can often be found spending his weekends exploring the market to see what’s fresh, in season and can be incorporated into his passion for cooking.

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